Marijke Groeneveld (1986), living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Photographer Marijke Groeneveld looks at her pictures as experiments. She makes collages of photographs and use graphic design to emphasize ugliness and a kitschy character. Besides Groeneveld refers to fast advertising, profound poetry and daily news. She struggles with the border between low and high cultures. It creates tension and conflicts. Which returns in the pictures.

Revealing portraits of unknown people who pose for a reason; to share their stories and bodies. This situation cre- ates a certain awkwardness in the pictures.




 - Volkskrant de V


- The talent issue of British Journal of Photography

◦ That Used to be Us (group exhibition), HAW/CONTEMPORARY , Kansas City, USA
◦ North Sea Jazz festival, BEELDSCHOON (group exhibition), The Photo Graduates , Rotterdam NL
◦ Art week Rotterdam, BEELDSCHOON (group exhibition), The Photo Graduates, Rotterdam NL
◦ Kunstroute Kralingen Crooswijk, BEELDSCHOON (group exhibition), The Photo Graduates , Rotterdam NL

◦ Beelddragers X10, Lost in spaces (group exhibition), Amsterdam NL ◦ VIVA400, Longlist for 400 successful and inspiring women of the year ◦ International Photofestival Leiden (solo exhibition), Leiden NL
◦ Publication in New Dawn Paper, Young talents, NL
◦ Consensus Reality (group exhibition), Roodkapje, Rotterdam NL
◦ Sporen (group exhibition), Felix & FOAM, Beeldragers, Amsterdam NL ◦ Funkie House (group exhibition), Rotterdam NL

◦ First place, Photo festival Leiden, Leiden NL
◦ Unseen Photo dummy award, Nomination, Amsterdam NL
◦ Art calendar Rotterdam, Rotterdam NL
◦ Kijk! Mijn Familie, GRID Photo Festival (group exhibition) , Amsterdam NL
◦ International Photography Awards, Nomination, 3rd place, New York USA
◦ Galerie 180 (group exhibition), Dordrecht NL
◦ Photo academy award, Nomination, Co-operation with The Hague Museum of Photography, The Hague NL ◦ Drempelprijs (Academy award), Nomination, Art academy Willem de Kooing, Rotterdam NL
◦ Graduation show, Art academy Willem de Kooning, Rotterdam NL
◦ De kracht van Rotterdam, Dutch Photo Museum and Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam NL

◦ Idea, Cucosa (group exhibition), Rotterdam NL
◦ Dek 22, Low Budget – High Class (group exhibition), Rotterdam NL

◦ Kunsthuis 18, GOM van MAK ( solo exhibition), Naaldwijk NL

◦ Affordable Art Fair ( Gallery The Art Tree), Brussel BE

◦ Affordable Art Fair ( Gallery The Art Tree), Amsterdam NL ◦ I love de Maas, Maritiem Museum, Rotterdam NL

◦ Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam NL
◦ Art Academy Willem de Kooning, Rotterdam NL

2013 -2014
◦ Assistant; Sebastiaan Knot, Peter Bak, Lennaert Ruinen. ◦ AkzoNobel the Aesthetic Center, Colordesigner

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